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Signs of Boredom: A Journal To Learn From

Marketing is everywhere. This seems obvious, I know, but I don't understand why marketing is always in our face. It burns me up that we pay a lot of money to see a movie, yet we're forced to watch commercials. You can't even walk for thirty seconds without seeing a corporate logo on a shirt, giant text on someone's derriere, or a bajllion real estate signs for CONDOS! CONDOS! CONDOS! I honestly hit a breaking point. If I was going to understand the mentality of the excessive information age, I had to join the club.

I held the following signs at the intersection of Viriginia and Highland for one hour to see what all the fuss was about. The messages on each sign meant nothing, except that I was bored and obviously had too much free time. But if you read the journals by clicking each sign below, then I guess the same could be said of you. Now let's market the shit out of this article!


Truer Words Were Never Written Don't Believe The Hyp- Only Time And Energy Will Tell


Issue #28: You Went Thataway!
Issue #28