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Neighborhood Watch

"I just started working here. I don't really have any stories."
- Woman at the gelato store, who just started working at the gelato store and therefore doesn't have any stories


"We haven't really been around long enough for people to give us stories to tell. So, yeah. Nothing really. The people who shop around here obviously have money influence so there's a certain... Like, the people who live in the Highlands are very proud of the Highlands. Have you talked to [the clothing boutique] next door? They've been here for a really long time. They see everything. Janet would probably be able to help you a lot more than we can. She's been here for twenty-five years, so she knows a lot."
- Woman at pasta restaurant, who needs to give gelato woman a lesson on being interviewed


"Janet's not here today. Have you talked to [gas station across the street]? I'm sure they've got plenty of stories for you. It's a different clientèle."
- Woman (not Janet) at clothing boutique


"Give me one second. [rings up woman with lottery numbers] Okay. I haven't been working here that long. But, um. Do you want me to get the manager from the back room? I'm trying to think, but I've only been working here for seven/eight months. I don't know if I can be helpful. It's a nice place, especially at night when the bars are open. Usually in the summertime, when the weather is nice, you see a whole load of people walking up and down the street. Sometimes they get drunk. I stand over here and watch them. They're nice people."
- Man at gas station


Issue #28: You Went Thataway!
Issue #28