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Prank You Very Much: A Curious Interview




ANSWERING MACHINE:  You have reached [phone number that I randomly dialed]. No one can get to the phone right now. Please leave a message and we'll call you back as soon as we can. Thank you! [beep]

PLUG:  Hey, uh, this is Jay. I was just calling to prank you actually. Um. I guess maybe I'll try calling back some other time. Randomly dial your number. And prank you. So. Have a good day. Bye.





WOMAN:  Hello?

PLUG:  Hey!


PLUG:  This is a prank call. Um. So that's all. I was just pranking you.

WOMAN:  It's a what call?

PLUG:  A prank call. I'm a prankster. So why is it that you think people don't like prank calls?

WOMAN:  [hangs up]

PLUG:  Okay. Bye.





WOMAN:  [Business name]. How can I help you?

PLUG:  Good evening.

WOMAN:  Can I help you?

PLUG:  I'm calling about pranking.

WOMAN:  About what?

PLUG:  Pranking?

WOMAN:  [hangs up]

PLUG:  That was not a very helpful.





ANSWERING MACHINE:  You've reached [phone number that I randomly dialed]. Leave a message! [beep]

PLUG:  Well, crap. I was calling to see if you knew why people don't like prank calls. But... there goes that idea. I should have seen it coming. All right. Bye. [hangs up] Ran out of quarters.



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