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In November 2004, I felt it necessary to put The Plug on hiatus indefinitely. I can only produce each incarnation of The Plug for two years before I get burned out, and I had reached my threshold. The only way I would come back for a third installment was explained in a letter to a mysterious stranger...




Dear finder of a bottle,

This is a letter. You knew that, but it's a little more. This is my last contribution to The Plug, which was a monthly web magazine based out of Atlanta, Georgia. I'm not 100% ready to let go of the website because it's been fun for me and apparently others find it entertaining, too.

At any rate, I wrote this letter to test fate. I threw this bottle into the Atlantic Ocean on [date withheld for verification purposes]. If this bottle sinks to the bottom of the ocean, well, I guess nothing changes. But if I hear a response from the “sea,” I decided I would continue to run the website. To whoever found this message in a bottle, the decision is up to you. If you don't feel like contacting me, then that's fine, too. I mean, I would never even know. I'd just assume some hungry shark ate the bottle. Damn, that would be one hungry shark. Stupid, too.

You may notice that I've also included some ketchup packets just in case you are marooned on an island and are hungry for something other than coconuts. Perhaps it would be good on your friend, who no doubt looks like a hamburger to you.

Thank you for reading,
Jay Carlson / The Plug

P.S. - I hope you read English.




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Issue #26: Watch Our Back
Issue #26