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If You Could Be Interviewed,
What One Question Would You Like To Be Asked?



"Oh, I don't like to be interviewed."
- Leeanna Lim


"What's the one thing you want to do before you die?"
- Aaron Dallas

  "How much are these CDs?"
- Two guys selling CDs at the intersection corner of Euclid & Colquitt who wanted to be known as Atlanta Wildlife

"Interviewed for what?"
- Woman trying to leave coffee shop

  "Do you want a beer? My answer is always yes."
- Rene Dellefont
  "Why are you so devilishly handsome?"
- Lee DiGeorge
  "That one. Then I know I'd be interviewed, at least."
- Guy on sidewalk who declined to have his picture taken.



Issue #26: Watch Our Back
Issue #26